Finally, Uber for Dating.

Dating Review
Dec 18, 2017 · 3 min read

South African-made Predict Dating App has just added Instant dating and it’s with those who share your values and intentions.

Continuing on its mission to fix swipe-style dating, Predict Dating App has just released short-notice dating to make actual dates more likely to happen. A bit like Uber for dating, Predict’s Instant feature lets you indicate that you’re free in the next three hours for a date to see which of your matches are too.

Also, to help you have happier dates, you can now make sure you only match with those who share your intentions and values that are important to you. With the short, new, privately answered yes-no compatibility questionnaire you can set red lines you’re not prepared to cross. You can do this by choosing to allow a match only with people who answer certain questions the same way as you. The answers also feed into the existing match percentage derived from your social data, giving it more meaning.

In this new version, they have removed the like button for short term, casual, non-monogamous dating. However, by preventing or allowing matches, you can still privately manage your preferred style of relationship.

Predict’s founder, Ayal Belling, says that he is trying to address two of the most common complaints about app dating. People collect matches, maybe message a little but then it goes silent. The new Instant feature is meant to help people fit dating into their already busy lives. He says that people can appear flaky just because they have so much on the go. Having the option of seeing which of your matches are available for a date in the next few hours makes it easier for everyone to arrange to actually meet.

The other major complaint is that dates, when they do happen, are too often depressing. The mansplainer, the Ayn Rand fanatic who believes the poor are entitled, the guy who wants only casual. To deal with these, Predict has honed its compatibility percentages that were previously calculated from just your social data on Facebook and Twitter. They’ve added a short questionnaire, twelve yes-no questions, drawing on moral psychology and an understanding of people’s dating intentions. You can set any question as a red line so that you don’t match with those who answer those questions differently to you.

Since launching in 2016, Predict has set out to be the anti-superficial alternative to apps like Tinder. Discouraging verdicts on photos alone, they dumped the photo card to make words count. Bios always show prominently. Along with the new value and intentions questionnaire, Instant dating and its beyond binary gender choices, Predict aims to be a firmly socially progressive app. Belling says that he hopes it encourages people to be their everyday selves rather than the shallower version encouraged by other dating apps.

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