I don’t think this Article would teach you anything.

It all began for this Christian when he was a kid he was told categorically a story, one he could never make any sense off by an elder. The summary was thus “Your grandmother died being EATEN by a DOG” as a little kid with an abundance supply of cartoons at his fingertips he took that story literally; as literally as possible.

So began the journey of been chased by dogs, as a boy with a potential to be a good soccer player he ran and ran skilfully from them, on different occasions he was so good he wasn’t even bitten or eaten; Literally. This involved climbing many fences, riding a bicycle like an Olympic gold medallist, jumping on a moving truck and so on but the second to last experience I have decided to share with you. The day he prayed in a mosque.

It was the evening of a Wednesday, and been found on a path where dogs lived and walk freely he thought of going around several kilometres to another paths to just avoid any story that touches perhaps whenever on this sort of road he often did go back to another way. But then again today was different, for reasons best known to him he had already walked several paths and this was where he thought his last one would be, before proceeding home just to realise it was the one he feared. So he decided to ignore his fears and take a walk.

He came in their range, he noticed their gaze, how many they were, heard a bark and he took off, the major problem with this location was there were no fences, no moving cars, no available bikes, and no open homes. So as he ran, he calculated and finally he saw an open door it was a Mosque. This mosque was in session, he looked and saw no imam on the pulpit “No one would notice my entry” he thought and with a flash he removed his shoes, to his face he began to pray. Everyone noticed including the Dog, as it stood with his head tilted to the left.

After this day, he was done, he couldn’t take it any more, so he sort to know dogs, but since no one close to him friend or foe liked dogs it was an impossible feat, but God heard his cry maybe the one he made in the mosque. Soon he changed cities to a part of his family who had a different story of the death of his grandma with a cousin whose best friend was a dog named Hitler. This Christians prayers began to be answered in a strange way.

Hitler represented fully his name, fearless, ruthless and forever barking. It was a horrible sight for this Christian as when this dog lifted on its limbs he stood almost the heights of his shoulders. After a while of hanging in there, the cousin got fed up too. She walked to the dog-house and opened it without his consent, while all other doors were closed behind him. His heart stopped literally, he could already see the light as the dog hastily approached him, he was convinced this was the end as Hitler climbed him whilst he was still yet in a standing position.

But in a few minutes, he realised in this heaven there were no angels, and it was still only the white old fan that was spinning “where am I?” he thought. So he looked down to a dog wagging his tail with his tongue stretched out. Since that day, his life changed. For fear has over the years caused him to even wonder if he was fit enough to be a Christian, after all the bible said 366 times do not fear.

The End

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