Geographical independence

Today marks the day I decided to get away from the rat race.

Last week I spent some time with a lovely Japanese girl. We had a good time in Amsterdam, and I got to enjoy some tasty ramen she made, and she got to enjoy some of my trademarked red curry. We of course walked around, hand-in-hand, and enjoyed the sights of this beautiful city where I currently live.

Being with her, I came to a realization. I would fall in love with this girl if I spent more time with her. We only had a week before she would fly back to Tokyo, but I already sensed that our chemistry was in the top tier.

This lead me to an internal debate. Somewhat ridiculous and over the top, perhaps, but nevertheless a good exercise of introspection.

What if she was the one? What if I _wanted_ to uproot and leave everything to follow her around the world? Would I be able to do it, right this moment? What would be holding me back?

I entertained the thought and came to the point I pretty much knew all along; I desire to be geographically independent to attain the level of freedom to be able to, amongst other things, follow someone around the world, should mad love arise.

Working in the software industry, I have this possibility. Today is the day I gear towards seizing it. This will be my channel to record my success or failure.

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