Definitely, there are lots of specific factors that influence the business environment. But the key aspects remain the same for different kinds of businesses like politics and law, economics and leadership. We are used to paying attention to significant factors but sometimes even small ones can play a vital role in the company’s growth.

Recently we described the value of inventory management, now we would like to talk about Lifetime Value (LTV).

What LTV means for business

LTV (lifetime value) can be defined as the monetary value of a customer relationship, based on the current value. It’s an estimated income you can earn within your…

For the steady and smooth functioning of the retail and e-commerce businesses, you should have a planned approach to managing stock replenishment, ensuring regular supplies, analyzing the market and trends, forecasting sales.

The lack or overabundance of items at the storage is usually faced by E-commerce Executive, Product Owner, Data Analyst, Inventory/Supply Chain manager or Replenishment manager. Big companies can have analytical departments to handle mentioned situations: collect, compare, analyze the data and predict an accurate number of goods will be needed.

But smaller usually don’t have enough resources. Data science achievements can be helpful in the optimization and automation…

How to build Demand Forecasting in Retail: Datrics use cases

Would you like to predict future results for your business? Using demand forecasting models with complex criteria you can make accurate data-driven decisions on inventory and replenishment management, manufacturing processes, product pricing and much more.

Sales forecast 2014–2026

Demand forecasting outcomes with

Datrics is a web-based end-to-end data science platform that allows people to extract significant insights and build advanced machine learning models without a single line of code. Our team has created template solutions for particular issues to provide our users with more benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a…

Datrics team has completed fantastic work polishing and testing the functionality of our Data Science platform over the last few weeks. Now we are happy to provide you with access to the Alpha release!

Datrics solution is an end-to-end data science platform that helps you to process data, train and deploy Machine Learning models in the easiest way. Check out Datrics tutorial video below.

Your benefits

We want to make our Data Science platform accessible and affordable for everyone. We provide data and business analysts and citizen data scientists with the chance to create the applied data science applications in day-to-day work…

Olena Petashchuk

I am one of the partners at Datrics — Data Science platform helps SMEs to leverage from own and public data without writing a single line of code.

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