Risky Business

It is very risky to choose not to take risks.

Thought 1.

You can’t look at averages when everyone isn’t moving. When some people are doing amazing things and others have done nothing new, measuring the average tells us absolutely nothing. Everyone needs to be moving in the right direction, and when someone is standing still, it doesn’t matter where the average is, the fact is we are not doing as well as we think.

Thought 2.

A rising tide floats all boats. But tides ebb and flow, and if you wait around and don’t make your own waves, you end up in the peaks only as much as you end up in the valleys, because tides don’t rise unless they also fall.

Thought 3.

Organizations that don’t push boundaries and encourage innovation, invite mediocrity. Good enough becomes good enough (even when greatness is within reach) if the focus is on risk reduction and not managing risk.

Thought 4.

Failing is part of learning. Fearing failure is an invitation to settle, and to compromise, even when opportunities present themselves. If you always expect success, your definition of success becomes a limit, because you can’t achieve exponential change when you are looking for safe, guaranteed, incremental successes.

It is very risky to choose not to take risks.