Time for Action to Amend Reservation Policy in India.

Girls Protesting in Gurgaon

In most of the Delhi editions leading news papers of India, today there are headlines about the tragic death of a 21 year old student Pinky Chauhan, who set Fire to herself in protest against faulty mark sheets.

This saddened me a lot like thousands of other citizens. First of all my heart felt condolence to her family, May GOD give them strength and Peace to departed Soul.

It immediately took me to Flash Back to 20–25 years back, when there was nation wide protest regarding implementation of further Reservation Policies as per Mandal Commission. Number of young student also tried to self immolated themself. There was lot of hue and cry but nothing changed even after 25 years, still most of leaders play politics of this.

Protest for Mandal Commission.

During my student age I along with most of my friends had to face the wrath about Reservations in Professional Courses and later my daughter who was in top merit list but has to the loose the seat in one of top institute of Architects due to reservations.

I had tried to express this issue of Reservation in a simple story, which speaks in volume that how this act of Appeasement is causing worst of the ripple effects in our society.


Chapter One

Today is July 29th 2014 Salim Bhai is very happy and excited as he got the most awaited news on the auspicious day of “Eid” that his father had won the 36 years old legal battle in the High Court.

Salim was born in 1984 and since his birth he had been listening one reason for all his financial needs that once his father (Abbu) will win the case, his demand will be taken care of.

His all six siblings are married now and they also waited too long for this case. One way or the other his all family especially mother (Ammi ) had sacrificed a lot for this legal battle.

Any ways he was very much excited and overwhelmed, he went to the office and shared his happiness with all. His boss gave him cash as Eid Gift. After partying with all colleagues he went to the Market and bought branded clothes for his wife Amina and both the kids. For himself he compromised on local clothing and bought a brand new Blue Loincloth (Lungi) and Yellow Tunic (Kurta).

Whole the family celebrated the Eid and enjoyed Lamb (Gosht) especially cooked by Amina.

Chapter Two

Ramcharan was born with a golden spoon in his mouth in the family of Deputy Commissioner in 1978. He was born after the four girls so his whole family took too much of care for this little Ramcharan. There was no shortage of money and resources as his father was generating very good income.

Ramcharan became carefree started wasting his age in enjoying the money showered to the family from all possible sources and did not bother to study at all.

His father got promotion in reserve quota and became the collector so no body in the town dared to fail his son till Board Exams. By all his relations he could get him passed the undergraduate exams too with B grade.

Ramcharan had a dream to become a Doctor, it is not worth mentioning that he did not have any IQ to be even a Nurse.

Ramcharan appeared in the Pre medical entrance test and his father could not help him in cheating/copying because the center of exam was in different city. In that city the Commissioner was of different caste and both of them did not have cordial relations at all.

Ramcharan got precious 36 marks out of 900 marks in the entrance test. But as rightly said if the luck is in one’s favor the Donkey is also considered to be smarter than Tiger.

In the Medical Entrance tests out of total seats of 650 in his state 195 seats i.e 30% were reserved for certain caste. In his state the total students appeared in that reserved category was 187, so as per reservation law all the 187 were selected for Medical Course, out of which Ramcharan was so called intelligent student because in reserve category he was at no.179(much better than last no. of 195). The last student of category scored the luckiest number i.e ONE and only one out of 900 marks.

Needless to say the student scoring 001/900 was also admitted because reserved category had 195 seats. No need of saying that in general category student who scored 767 out of 900 could not qualify. It may be that Ramcharan was worthy and more qualified to be a Doctor due to his birth in certain family and the student who scored 767 marks was the son of Insurance agent and born in a high caste family.

For our story it is not worth mentioning that what happened to other students aspirant to be Doctors scored between 500 to 767 marks, they were only 26789 in numbers in this bracket. But one thing seemed evident that the law of the land made it sure to happen that Ramcharan deserve the reservations because his father had taken the benefit of same in the entrance test of Administrative Services as well as in Services to become Commissioner. Ramcharan grand father could use the reservation policy only to become the Commissioner of Police, but he had regrets that he could not retire as Inspector General of Police.

Any way to cut short Ramcharan completed his medical course of prescribed 5 years and became the Doctor Ramcharan, MBBS in 2007 in ten years.

Chapter Three

August 09, 2014

There was too much rush at the Hospital OPD; it looked like that everyone in the city was suffering from the diseases. A waiting old man was explaining to his grand son that in earlier days the Doctors used to just feel the nerves of the patient by touching and could give them the complete analysis of the body problems. They were not even so much qualified. Now a days the doctors seem to be more qualified but depend more on the tests rather on their experience.

Grand son explained to his grand Pa and said” Now a days one can become a Doctor by taking advantage of reservation or by paying hefty Capitation fees which runs in to tens of millions of currency”

Grand Pa became more curious and asked my dear this means how can the society would get the genuine qualified Doctors and this means if any middle class general family arranges the tons of money to make their son/daughter, then the first aim after becoming the Doctor would be to recover their over invested funds for getting medical Degree.

Grand son replied yes Pa that is the reason all these new Doctors force all patients to get all unnecessary tests from these path labs and they recover 40% to 50% of the total charges paid as kick backs.

Grand Pa became more impatient and was about to say something but suddenly there was a depressed yelling sound coming from one of the doctor’s cabin: They just rushed their and heard:

One lady and a gentleman with one leg and one Crutch on his side was yelling at the Doctor and saying “ Last week you cut my left leg concluding that poison is spreading all my body because my left leg was all the BLUISH in color. I believed you and you cut my left leg and Now you are saying that you will have to cut my right leg too because my right leg is also all-BLUISH. How will I survive, I feel you have cheated me and you did not have any knowledge about the medical science.”

In full anger both lady and gentleman left the doctor cabin, the Grand Pa followed the couple and advised them to calm down and offered them a glass of water. After cooling down the gentleman explained that they came to see this Doctor Ramcharan on July 31, 2014 after he got slipped in the bathroom, he got pain in the stomach, which was looking pale and his left leg was Bluish in color.

After conducting all tests Dr. Ramcharan concluded that some poison had been built and it is spreading very fast that is why my upper body became pale and left leg bluish and advised to cut my left leg at once on August 01, 2014. We listened to his advice and got it cut on 2nd August.

As I could not adjust walking with Crutch and felled down again in bath room today morning and rushed to Dr. Ramcharan and after seeing pale color at my stomach and bluish color on my right leg he very easily said to have cut my second leg too.

Old man tried to console them and said if you people believe our family doctor Verma is old man but a very good general physician; you people can join me and can have a second medical opinion from him.

On the advise of Old man both agreed and they went to Dr. Verma and explained him all details from start to finish, starting from “Eid”. Doctor Verma listened patiently and checked his nerves and full body and scrubbed the so called pale and bluish color and concluded:

“Salim Bhai you did not have any poison in your body it was only the yellow color which came from your Tunic (Kurta) and Blue colour which came out from your Loincloth (Lungi), which you were wearing on both occasions when you felled on wet floor of your bath room.”

Moral of the Story:

a. The government is dividing people on the basis of castes for political advantages.

b. Allocating quotas on the basis of caste is a form of racial discrimination, and contrary to the right to equality. If at all, quotas should be based on economic hardships, which can be changed, not on race. Basing them on an unchangeable factor makes them unfair and useless. Despite the improvement in lower caste socioeconomic status, the presence of caste will still be felt and administered officially.

c. Not everyone from the so-called upper classes are rich, and not all from so called lower classes are poor

d. The quality of the elite institutes is going down, because merit is severely being compromised by reserving seats for certain caste-based communities.

e. Most often, only economically sound people (and rather rich) from the so-called lower castes is making use of most of the reserved seats, thus counteracting the spirit of reservations.

f. Political parties know reservations are no way to improve the lot of the poor and the backward. They support them because of self-interest of the “creamy layer”, who use the reservations to further their own family interests, and as a political flag of ‘achievement’ during election campaigns.

g. The reservation policy is creating a huge unrest in the Indian society.

h. Providing quotas on the basis of caste and not on the basis of merit is deterring the determination of many educated and deserving students of India.

i. Government should come up with alternative innovative ideas which make sure equal representation at the same time making the caste system irrelevant, the reservation is only fortifying the caste system

j. Efforts should be made to give proper primary education to truly deprived classes there is no need to reserve seats for higher studies. The government schools in India have absolutely no comparison to the public schools in the developed countries, and only about 65% of the Indian population is literate. The “reservation” only in higher institutions and jobs, without improving primary and secondary education, will aggravate this problem further.

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