25 sentences that will change the way you think

I have a choice to be positive despite my circumstances when I start my day
The food I consume today is either going to set me up for success or failure
Exercise is beneficial for the longevity of my life
If I can’t accomplish my goals today, I will try again tomorrow and so on
I need people to help me achieve my goals
I should help people reach their goals because it’s a nice thing to do
If I misuse people to gain in my life, it will probably happen to me
Making money is great, but I am not in love with it
How can I positively influence my work?
How can I positively influence my family?
How can I positively influence my friends?
How can I positively influence my network?
I have learned a lot, but I still know nothing
My negativity will affect my work
My negativity will affect my family
My negativity will affect my friends
My negativity will affect my network
I need to smile every day
Am I writing down what I need to achieve?
Am I keeping a journal of all my social and work activities?
How can keeping a journal of all my social and work activities benefit me?
Helping someone in a lesser position than me will be of great benefit to them and not to me
If I function without a break, I won’t achieve all my goals
Sleeping 6–8 hours is crucial for my productivity
The greatest wealth I can ever make is to remove myself from what is artificial

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