Four habits that are causing you to be unhappy

There are many reasons why we can be unhappy, and plenty of them are to do with the circumstances that surround us. These conditions can be out of our control, but there are habits we have, that contribute to our unhappiness which we have full authority over. We can make our lives as difficult or comfortable as we desire too, so below I look at four habits that cause unhappiness.

Comparing yourself to people on Social Media — I love social media, and I focus on the positives that it can bring, but many people suffer while taking to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The problem is that you want to become like the big accounts, posting images of money, gym workouts and there are celebrities of course which lure you into thinking you are meant to live that lifestyle. You will find yourself comparing and not matching up to those supposed standards. Social media is usually a front and people rarely tell the truth. You have a unique identity, nurture it.

Flattery — People love to be flattered but all it does it deceive. Human opinion should never shape the way you feel or behave, and usually negative opinions seem to be the strongest. Surrounding yourself with positive people doesn’t mean you will continually be flattered, it should mean that you will be told the truth about who you are. Work out what flatters you and make sure it doesn’t deceive you.

Condemnation — Making mistakes has been my favourite past time over the years. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid making them, but it is the emotional reaction to these mistakes that define us. Usually, we beat ourselves up which results in a massive loss of confidence, and this stops a bold, positive attitude from pressing towards our goals and targets. Make peace with the fact that mistakes are learning tools, not failures.

Isolation — Trusting people takes a tremendous amount of courage and the majority of people that I have crossed paths with would rather isolate themselves rather than get hurt. The problem with isolation is that it will destroy the way you think and the way you function. There is never an outlet, and you will eventually become sceptical of everything around you which is a breeding ground for unhappy feelings.

Not every moment is a happy one but do your best to control everything within your authority.

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