FOUR things that you can expect to happen in your life in 2016

Everyone seems to be ready with their new years resolution list and I am sure most of you will have already applied for your January gym pass! Same route — Different year! Well let’s put down those resolutions and look at what you can expect to happen to you in 2016!

Problems — will come your way! It doesn’t matter how frequent or infrequent they are, one thing we cannot avoid in life are problems. Deal with them head on, expect them but do not be negative about problems. How you deal with your problems will determine how successful you will be!

Opportunities — will come your way. Through every problem there is always an opportunity. Your attitude will define if you take those opportunities or not so think very clearly and carefully about what is presented to you. 2016 should be just as great as 2015 has been.

Offence — will come your way. Someone or a circumstance will find a way to offend you. Dragging that with you every day will turn into negative emotion and life will become very tiresome. Have a plan with how you will deal with offence. Will you confront or ignore? Either way, leave it where it is — Go where you are celebrated not tolerated!

Growth — will come your way. Growth is extremely vital for a successful life and sometimes we are stunted by what life throws at us. Remember, through every experience and learning point there is a tool for growth. Find different ways to become successful most of all find unique ways!

Wishing you all a great 365 days ahead!