by Deborah Attoinese

Like half of the country, I woke up on election day with a feeling of great hope. I decided not to wear my usual dirty jeans and searched through my closet to find my one and only black pant suit, white shirt and black tie. The day promised to be a date with destiny, and I wanted to look my best.

On my walk to the polls, I vowed not to take the pantsuit off until later that evening when I would gather with friends, share some barbeque and celebrate the two-hundred-and-forty-year hurdle we had just crossed over together.

By ten-thirty that night CNN informed us that the plane we had all been patiently waiting for wasn’t coming. I pulled my pantsuit and tie off which I now wanted to use to hang myself with and threw them across the room. Destiny decided not to show up. How could she?

The next morning I couldn’t get out of my pajamas. A deep grief was sitting in and on me. My neighbor knocked on my door and handed me a note to thank me for my support of Hilary. We looked at one another with a shared rejection and started sobbing in each other’s arms.

How the fuck could this happen?

Any vote for Trump, especially from friends and family, felt like a personal attack. If I hear one more person qualify their part in this horrific assassination on American democracy and our environment I’m going to puke.

If you voted for Trump because you felt him an “honest guy” and you “trust him” to bring back factory jobs which are gone forever and the middle class is going to get a big tax break, you need to pull your head out of your ass. Drumpt (his real last name before his grandfather changed it) with his multiple personalities, narcissistic daddy issues, bankruptcies and countless lawsuits is not an honest guy.

But I do believe Trump when he says “he loves this country,” because he and all his white male (plus one Ben Carson) rat-finks want it-ALL-for themselves.

Make America Great Again has always been code for Make America White Again. Trump’s hateful rhetoric along with the majority of the Republican party wet dream of a fascist state is a match made in heaven. It has given all-white supremacy sub-humans a license to come out of their closets that Mike Pence wants to put all us gays back in.

Trump may have wanted to “drain the swamp” but forgot to mention his plan to fill it with as many cold-hearted right-wing conservative extremists he could find. This is not about Hilary anymore.

The people marching throughout the country and the rest of the world are not sore losers. We are marching and will continue to do so, because we do not, and will not, accept the hate, the bigotry, the racism, the white-male supremacy and the white women who support it.

Leaping backward to move forward is not the answer. Keep your pantsuits on stand-by.