DATx Token Buyback Official Statement

Apr 21, 2018 · 2 min read
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Dear DATx community and token holders,

The DATx project has received extensive attention from public markets and various industries since the pretoken distribution. In the past weeks, the DATx team has delivered tremendous progress in business and technical development, building the next generation ‘Digital Advertising Terminals Powered by Blockchain’.

The support of investors and partners has also spurred us to advance the research and development of the DATx project. Up to now, the project landing plan for DATx has basically taken shape and has already entered the actual stage of research and development.

With the involvement of the R&D team, DATx team has gradually release core codes. We firmly believe that blockchain technology development is inseparable from community building. By making our codes open source, it will not only help the community better understand our project, but it will also promote the sustainable development of the DATx project in the long term.

Due to our high confidence in project development and community support, we have recently completed a 3.5 billion DATx token lockup (35% of the original issued volume). Until the DATx main network is formally launched, this part of DATx will not be released into the market.

At this moment, we believe that DATx is of huge potential in its future development. DATx will now start to conduct our token buyback program to fund a technical development and partnership reserve fund to continue our growth following the anticipated demand of DATx technology within the industry.

Cosima Foundation

2018.04.21 in Singapore

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