Rate3 x DATx: the Future of Advertising & E-Commerce

DATx is proud to announce our new partnership with Rate3, a decentralised dual protocol for cross-border payment and credit scoring aiming to empower a world of payment without borders.

What does this partnership mean?

This synergistic partnership combines the best of native advertising and borderless e-commerce.

DATx advertisers are now able to tap into Rate3’s network of cross-border e-commerce transactions to improve targeting. At the same time, Rate3 merchants can utilize DATx’s advertising protocol to reach out to more targeted consumers.

Additionally, Rate3 consumers can take advantage of DATx’s incentive mechanism, which encourages users to participate and provide feedback on their ads. This allows advertising platforms to enhance their user targeting algorithms to deliver more relevant advertisements to their target audiences, while Rate3 users earn more incentives and see more products they actually want to see.

“We’re excited about this partnership with Rate3 and our collective future. Rate3 has been establishing strong partnerships with other merchants and creating an ecosystem of consumers and merchants. An integrated approach to advertising and e-commerce — through both DATx and Rate3 — aligns with our approach of creating a truly decentralised future,” shares Ralph Sas, Project Lead of DATx.

“DATx wants to create a new advertising ecosystem, where participants are incentivized to participate and provide feedback. This thus helps advertising platforms to enhance their user targeting algorithms. We believe that this helps our network of merchants and consumers. Merchants can send more targeted advertisements to consumers, thus driving more sales in the future. We truly look forward to providing more value-added services for merchants on the Rate3 network,” states Jake Goh, CEO and Co-Founder of Rate3 Network (RTE).

Together with Rate3, we are excited to advance the development of a decentralised world.

About DATx

DATx — A Revolutionary Digital Advertising Terminal Powered by Blockchain— is a new blockchain ecosystem developed by Cosima Foundation in collaboration with Avazu.

DATx is dedicated to developing a revolutionary unified protocol for digital marketing industries worldwide. By leveraging blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and big data solutions to resolve industry-specific challenges, DATx hopes to create an decentralized, secure, and efficient advertising ecosystem.

For more information, please visit www.datx.co.
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Meet the team: https://www.datx.co/#team

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