Vote DATx onto ABCC — 1 million DATX Candies Reward!

DATx community, we’ve heard your calls for a DATx listing on ABCC.

On September 23, after successfully passing ABCC polling and auditing, DATx announces its official participation in the ABCC Community Vote to List Scheme!

This vote is just the last step before listing, and we need your support! Winners from the Community Vote to List Scheme will be officially listed on the ABCC exchange platform.

To reward our community members, we’re giving out 1 million DATX Candies to our voters! The voting process is as follows:

  1. Register on ABCC
  2. Complete KYC
  3. Select DATx as project to vote for
  4. Click “Deposit”
  5. Deposit minimum 4000 DATX
  6. Vote DATx
  7. Win Candy when DATx is listed!

Voting will run from September 25 until October 2. Let’s get DATx on ABCC!