With Integration into BitCloud Platform, DATx Now Accessible Across Multiple Exchanges on One Interface

BitCloud officially announced the integration of DATx onto the BitCloud platform on November 9. DATx will now be available through the BitCloud mobile app wallet for trading on a variety of platforms.

BitCloud is a combined trading platform, allowing users to access trading pairs across multiple major exchanges in one interface. As a state of the art value-added aggregated exchange, the BitCloud platform offers massive liquidity and the ability to execute the best trading prices in the world.

BitCloud offers four major core functions:

AI trading aggregates most major exchanges’ liquidity and trading pairs, allowing for users to find the best trading prices across a wide variety of trading pairs.

Strategy trading allows users to buy/sell large quantities of coins without causing volatility with its iceberg order function;

API trading and portfolio management support means users can provide their API keys to aggregate all portfolio from different exchanges to trade and manage their funds.

The BitBao wallet provides users a deposit model that yields a 16% annual rate.

DATx, as a cross-chain interoperable blockchain hub, will enjoy the wider exposure BitCloud provides. Users can now easily trade and manage their DATx token across multiple exchanges on a single interface, stabilizing any volatility in DATx token price. In addition, users on BitCloud can be sure they are getting the best trading prices for their DATx.

As a blockchain of value aggregator, it is only fitting for DATx to be integrated into an exchange platform aggregator. With DATx’s latest cross-chain interoperability upgrade to the DATxChain, the DATx DAPP ecosystem will be able to support multiple currencies from different blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS.

This aggregation of value is unprecedented; DATx will provide DAPP develoeprs access to almost 70% of the entire blockchain industry market capitalization, making the entire blockchain industry more user friendly and accessible while creating the right conditions for reaching critical mass of user adoption for DAPPs.

The rise of aggregation platforms in the blockchain industry on the horizon. This integration of DATx onto the BitCloud platform marks a strong step forward in making blockchain technology more user-friendly and accessible.