DATx Presents X-DPOS: Consensus Mechanism for Value Aggregation

Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read
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The internet was a revolution in information transfer. By democratizing information, the internet paved the way for the rise of information aggregators.

One look at the Alexa top 500 sites and all we see are information aggregators in one way or another: YouTube is a video aggregator, Facebook and other social media sites are content aggregators, while search engines such as Google and Yahoo are information aggregators par excellence.

With blockchain, it’s value transfer that is being disrupted. Dubbed the internet of value, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have democratized value transfer. It follows then that the biggest winners in blockchain will be value aggregators.

But currently, without cross-chain interoperability, we have yet to see value aggregation realized in the blockchain industry.

That’s where X-DPOS comes in.

X-DPOS as Value Aggregation Mechanism

X-DPOS, or cross-chain delegated proof of stake, is the consensus mechanism driving the DATx cross-chain ecosystem. It is an upgrade of the DPOS consensus mechanism, allowing DATxChain to scale both vertically and horizontally.

Whereas DPOS addressed the issues of blockchain performance scalability (vertical scaling), X-DPOS adds a new axis, expanding DATx scalability through inter-chain communication (horizontal scaling).

X-DPOS was designed to create the optimal environment for DAPP development. Horizontal scaling through cross-chain interoperability allows DATxChain to act as a hub, or value aggregator, for other blockchains.


DATxChain uses the X-DPOS consensus mechanism to support mapped off-chain assets.

When a user binds their wallet with the MSE (multi-signature escrow) Wallet, Anchor Nodes, a type of X-DPOS node, and the MASC (mapped asset smart contract) allow currencies to be available for users to use on the DATxChain.

When users want to withdraw their assets off-chain, all they need to do is transfer the mapped asset back to the MASC.


DAPPs developed on the X-DPOS based DATxChain will have access to an unprecedented scale of value.

DAPPs will finally be opened up to BTC, which has long held over 50% of the blockchain industry’s market capacity. Along with support for ETH and EOS, DATxChain DAPPs will have access to around 70% of the blockchain industry market capacity.

Value aggregation is the future of the blockchain industry. With the launch of X-DPOS, the walls between blockchain-stored value will finally be broken down. The cross-chain DATx ecosystem will be the fertile soil DAPPs finally take root and bloom on.

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