Day Three 11/5

Yesterday was the day I worked in development. What that entailed was filing all the volunteer background checks, mostly for new volunteers. It was really interesting to do that because I got to see how many volunteers actually went to PSP and helped out. And there were a lot, like definitely more than 600 volunteers within the whole file cabinet. It is actually really good to know how many people are willing to give up their own free time and help those in need.

I also had lunch at PSP as people in the office invited me to eat with them. I found out that PSP has a culinary training internship, which explains why the food there is 100 times better than dining hall food. The staff at PSP are very friendly and made me feel comfortable, I can tell why the residents are so trusting in the staff, as they really care about the well being of the residents.

Next week I start working in the Pre-K room. I’m excited for this as it will help me see more hands on the life of the children and families at PSP.

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