Jan Daugherty to Serve on TAG Panel

On Thursday, October 13th Daugherty Business Solutions — Atlanta will be hosting a Technology Association of Georgia panel discussion on the challenges of scaling your services company. Our own Executive Vice President Jan Daugherty will be joined on the panel by Ed Grasing, CEO of Make & Build; Ernie Riddle, CEO of EnablePath; and Scott Fogle, CEO and Founder of Advocate. The group will be discussing the changes they have made over the last five years to adapt to the rapidly expanding economy, and the more firm employment market.

In this session, attendees will learn about the challenges each consulting team faces. Recruiting topics to be discussed include on-ramping for new employees, sourcing for talent and tapping the independent contractor market. The panel will also speak to monitoring your organization’s financial health as you scale, identifying areas for growth, aligning forecasting and pipeline with your growth targets, marketing, and partner alignment.

Interested in learning from four services industry leaders? Register before the event to secure your spot!

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