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Meet Jean Guthrie. She has been with Daugherty Business Solutions for nine years as a Project Manager. Based in Atlanta, she has worked on projects for AutoTrader, AT&T and Cox Communications. However, leading large, multi-year projects is not her only job, she has a creative side as well! In February, she published her first novel, Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen. The release was a success as her book became an Amazon #1 New Release in Children’s American Folk Tales & Myths. Days later, it became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in Children’s eBooks.

Writing this novel, may have been a creative process, but Jean still found a way to utilize her project management skills. Association management and program management taught her to effectively work with vendors; plan tasks; follow a tight, deadline driven schedule; adapt to change; and focus her priorities. She even created a Kanban board on the wall of her office as a way to track the progress of publishing and promoting her premier novel.

Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen can be purchased through Amazon in paperback or in a Kindle version. For those in the Atlanta office, you can find Jean for your very own copy! If you would like to sign up for two free chapters, please visit

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Q: What is your book, “Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen,” about?

A: In 2028, Aria Vanir, a psychic 12-year-old from Virginia Beach, connects through her transmission diary with the spiritually and technologically advanced aliens, the Gallions. The Gallion Queen Supreme, Nashata, orders a diplomatic mission with her royal family to Earth so she can test Aria’s worthiness. Nashata wonders if she can trust Aria with the secrets of her people.

The good aliens come to Earth and beam Aria, her BFF, Tommy Manager, and her tomboyish 15-year-old sister, Jackie, onto their spaceship. Soon after, Aria’s typically passive mother makes a bold move to save her daughters. None of them realize that the Navy has sent Aria’s SEAL father on a mission to capture or destroy the aliens. Worse, he has no idea that he’s putting his daughters and their friend in harm’s way.

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

A: I feel passionate about creating entertaining media that inspires kids to react from love, not fear, thus bringing more peace into their lives. I believe there’s too much violence in the world, especially for youngsters. I chose to write about spiritual/religious themes of love, prosperity, infinity and forgiveness, in a “funtastic” tone to capture the hearts of kids and adults. I created a girl’s version of Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.”

Q: Aliens are a main focus of your book. Do you think that aliens exist?

A: I want to believe that somewhere in this infinite universe is a planet that has achieved world peace. I want to believe that the inhabitants of that planet can teach us to do the same, even if we are alien to each other.

Q: Can we get a sneak peek of what Aria’s next adventure will be?

A: I’m currently working on book two in the Mystical Aria series. It is a compilation of Aria Vanir’s diary entries while she is on the alien spaceship in book one. The chapters go into greater detail from the tween’s perspective about what she learns from the aliens, sees in the spaceship command center, and experiences in her quest to meet the alien queen. Stay tuned for the launch date!

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