Mark Singleton Presents At Atlanta SPIN Meeting

On Wednesday, September 21st Senior Manager Mark Singleton gave a presentation at the Atlanta Software & Systems Process Improvement Network monthly meeting. His presentation, titled ‘Is Lean Six Sigma Dead?,’ explored the history of Six Sigma and Lean, and their revolutions over the last 25 years.

When Six Sigma emerged in the ’80s at Motorola, it spread into major manufacturing firms as a way of decreasing costs and increasing yields for a number of companies. These results drew the attention of, and adoption by, the service industry. Lean began as a part of production at Ford Motor Company and Toyota. It’s hands-on method delivered quick and meaningful results for manufacturing. Six Sigma and Lean toolkits were combined to become Lean Six Sigma, a single process improvement process. However, this pairing did not last. Today, Lean is still being commonly used, but Six Sigma is often seen as “too analytical” or not fast enough to be effective. Mark spoke to this change and the application of Lean Six Sigma today.

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