Welcome to #TeamDaugherty

This week we have the opportunity to get to know our new Daugherty — Chicago teammate, Kris Wagner! Kris is passionate about IT and he can’t wait to meet the crew in the Windy City.

Kris joins Team Daugherty with 20 years of industry experience. His first job in IT required him to convert BNC jacks to Ethernet. From there he moved into more of a support role as an IT Manager with a financial organization. He gained valuable hands-on experience that allowed him to move into the role of Global Technical Account Manager with a similar company. After serving in this type of role for six years, Kris focused his attention on SharePoint and accepted a Senior SharePoint Architect position with a management consulting company. Working in this capacity allowed him to experience consulting work and he hasn’t looked back. Since this initial introduction to this industry, he has continued to work for similar organizations, recommending and implementing technical solutions for both private and public sector companies.

In addition to working as a consultant, Kris is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist (vTSP). For the past seven years, he has been awarded the Microsoft MVP in both the Office Services and Cloud Platforms. He loves to continuously learn and engage with those interested in these programs. Kris coordinates various user groups in the Chicago area, and has spoken at a number of conferences across the country.

Kris has lived in Chicago for over 17 years and he isn’t looking to make a change anytime soon. He loves the city of Chicago. Having grown up in a St. Louis suburb, Kris appreciates the fact that Chicago’s summers are perfect — not too hot, not too cold — and he prefers the Chicago snow to St. Louis’ ice. Kris has also traded in his Cardinals gear to become a Cubs fan so you have to wonder if his hometown would even take him back!

Kris’ new to the team, but he has been working in the industry for years. He loves to talk about all things IT, so feel free to track him down in the Chicago office for a quick chat. He would love to meet you!