Welcome to #TeamDaugherty

Are you ready to meet another new member of the Daugherty — Minneapolis branch? Of course you are! This week we have the opportunity to get to know a bit about Margaret Elkins and her path to working as a Software Engineer at Daugherty.

Margaret Elkins has had an on-again, off-again relationship with her love for coding. She began her pursuit of a career in development when she was working toward earning her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Dartmouth College. However, after pursuing an opportunity to work in television, Margaret’s post-graduation plans changed. She decided to move across the country to attend the UCLA Anderson School of Management. It was here that she completed her studies for her MBA. She then made the decision to continue working in television production. She produced content for public television as well as a number of cable channels. Have you ever heard of Food TV’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives?” Well now you are working with one of the Supervising Story Producers! After eighteen years in the “biz” Margaret decided to return to her roots. In 2015 she began attending Minneapolis Community and Technical College’s Software Development program. After completing this program and gaining some valuable experience as a Software Development Intern at a government agency, she has joined us to continue her software development journey.

In her spare time, Margaret is definitely an explorer. She loves to travel. She has visited Africa, Italy, Scotland, England, Greece and Canada, to name a few. Whether she is traveling the world or at home in Minneapolis, one of her favorite activities is hiking. In fact, she is an Outdoor Trip Leader. This role is associated with the Sierra Club, America’s largest grassroots environmental organization.

When she isn’t traveling she is at home in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Not only does she call this area home, but it is also her favorite area in the Twin Cities. She frequents the Riverview Theater, the coffee shop and the wine bar right down the street.

Interested in hearing more about Margaret’s travel experiences? Don’t hesitate to look her up! She is excited to be a part of Team Daugherty and would love to get to know her new teammates.