Welcome to #TeamDaugherty — Accelerator Edition

Over the next six weeks the Daugherty St. Louis Accelerator program will be helping six developers evolve their skills to earn the title of Software Engineer 1. This program has been broken down into three two-week sections: software engineering fundamentals, web development and server side development.

Every week we will meet a new developer from the program and a future member of the Daugherty Dev Center.

This week we have the opportunity to meet Austin Miller. Austin’s a recent graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a focus in statistics. This specialization peaked his interest in data analysis. In fact, he designed his senior project to use the theory of data depths and k-means clustering to group baseball teams that had similar statistics across categories such as batting, starting pitcher, relief pitcher and fielding. This method of analysis manipulated the data into describing playoff teams and possible World Series contenders.

Prior to joining Team Daugherty, Austin spent the summer after graduation working as a Data Analyst Contractor for Anheuser-Busch. In fact, the members of Team Daugherty currently on-site at Anheuser-Busch introduced him to the exciting Accelerator program here at Daugherty. Prior to his time in this role, Austin worked as an intern for a Department of Defense contracting company during the summer of 2015. This experience expanded his web development skills, which he will continue to build upon during the Daugherty Accelerator program.

When Austin isn’t at work, he is flying his 3DR Solo Quadcopter. He also enjoys taking aerial photos using this smart drone.

As you may have guessed from the description of Austin’s senior project while at SIUE, he is a baseball fan. As most people in the Greater St. Louis area are, he is a Cardinals fan and he loves going to games when he has a chance. When he isn’t able to catch a game live you can bet he is paying attention to the statistics. His love for sabermetrics, or the application of statistical analysis to baseball records, didn’t end with graduation.

If you are in the St. Louis office and have a moment or two, stop by and say hello to Austin. Whether you want to talk Cardinals or just hear how the program is going he would love to get to know his new teammates!

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