Welcome to #TeamDaugherty — University Edition

The Daugherty University program is BACK! We are excited to welcome a group of smart, talented and curious individuals to the team. Over the next six weeks these developers will evolve their skills to earn the title of Software Engineer I. This program has been broken down into three two-week sections: software engineering fundamentals, web development and server side development.

Every week we will meet a new developer from the program and a future member of the Daugherty development team.

After earning his degree in Political Science from the University of Missouri — St. Louis, Matt Cook pursued a career in business. For a number of years, Matt worked as a General Manager at a St. Louis area McDonald’s. This experience taught him a great deal about operations, leadership and finance, but he knew something was missing. He recognized that he had a deep interest in technology and wanted to pursue it. Over the course of a year, Matt worked with a mentor who taught him the fundamentals of coding, giving him the tools to build applications.

With a strong foundation and a growing skillset, Matt accepted a position as a Developer for an information technology organization. During his time there, Matt worked primarily with Infor CRM Software and custom built import applications. After six months, Matt learned about the Daugherty University program and the rest is history!

Outside the office Matt likes to stay active. He like to lift weights, go for a run or take a nice, long bike ride. Matt also enjoys spending time with his family, either enjoying a movie or competing during game night.

Matt is eager to begin his career as a Consultant. So far, the Daugherty University program has allowed him to learn more about technologies he hasn’t yet had the opportunity to explore. Matt has also taken advantage of several opportunities to meet some of his new teammates outside the program.

“My favorite part about being on Team Daugherty is the people, but also the welcoming atmosphere,” Matt said.

We are excited to welcome Matt to the squad in St. Louis!