Goals / Resolutions

Better late than never —

  1. Improve writing — write at least once a week, 500 words or more
  2. Memorize scripture — memorize at least one verse every week
  3. Read more — read a book every week
  4. Drive — practice twice a week
  5. Gym — gym twice week (upper and lower body)

I resolve to be joyful in all circumstances and sing praises amid the storm.

I resolve to be gentle with my words and to speak words of love.

I resolve to speak the truth in love.

I resolve to remain unshaken and to be rooted in His love.

I resolve to stay true to my faith and to be a blessing to others.

I resolve to surrender my heart (and everything that I am) daily to Him.

I resolve to count my blessings.

I resolve to fight against desires of the flesh and to be obedient to Him.

I resolve to love Him with all my mind, heart, and soul.

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