12 books to transform who you are, what you do & how you do it
J. Westenberg 🌈

I’d say each of us should consider the guiding spirit of the monthly directive, adjust as needed and find our own books to teach us these things. For example, I may read the spiritual guide to decluttering on order to contain my space well or turn to g Gordon Liddy’s Will for pointers on being a bad ass. There are things missing. The list should include intelligence or love and a book like Flowers for Algeron. A nod at horror and hope could be epitomized by Night by Elise Wiesel. Being whoever we are means these guides can be useful if the writers are able to impart one part liberation to two parts dedication. In other words only you know what you should be reading up on as my lack of patience is likely a different matter than your lack of creativity but no less concerning.

Reading in and of itself is always a good way to spend ones time as long as the literature is diverse and engaging as it enlightens. If a book can’t grab me by the throats in a page or two, I’m not wasting a second on a third page . Neither should you unless you’ve never read a book before.