How Men Failed the Women’s Strike Before it Even Started
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Harsh. The truth is we “men” are systemically unaware of our privilege. Our patriarchal culture blinds us to it. It also makes us big babies. I think this is why some men may feel offended or defensive when they read this. Your words sting. While reading your article I chuckled to myself thinking that harsh, stinging, truth bombs are what I get from my wife. She couples that with lots of love and a gentle patient approach to my man-child bullshit. When she hits me with the truth bombs I’ve wasted all her patience and I know I’ve hit her breaking point. Truth (harsh) and love (not harsh) are two of the many things I have come to appreciate in, and in part, rely on from her. In fact I adore her for this combination. They have certainly made me a better husband and father, and this is the path I would personally think to take toward being a worthwhile feminist and/or feminist ally. I say this in regards to your frustration with men dumbly asking what do you want me to do? Like we are clueless puppies. I am definitely clueless to the logistical exigencies of organizing activities of daily living. I have had this conversation with my wife about our personal and family issues many times. I’m getting better.I won’t give up on me. My wife won’t give up on me. Love that woman. I hope you don’t give up on all the man-child babies out there willing if not ready and able to be politically enlightened. My opinion; we can’t none of us do it on our own. P.S. your words are provocative and your passion is palpable. Keep fighting the good fight! Straight up.

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