First Days of Coding Bootcamp

Hello World!

This week I have taken the plunge to become a web developer. I am currently starting the Fast Track Web Development Coding Bootcamp offered by Coder Academy. Feel free to check out the link below for more information.

My class consists of around 25 people that have come from all over the world with many different backgrounds. They all have very interesting stories and I spent most of the first day getting to know the rest of my cohort and teachers. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with them.

From the very first day we were taught the importance of managing stress and the harsh effects it has on the body. Hopefully the relaxation techniques that were taught will be very useful in the future.

The second day of bootcamp involved setting up our development environment and learning some basic terminal commands.

I am starting this coding bootcamp with a small amount of experience in coding due to completing an online course in the 2 months before starting bootcamp. I completed CS50x from Harvard and I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested. For my final project I made a basic web app that can be used to create work rosters. See below for small video demo.

Hopefully this previous experience will help jump start my learning. A lot of my cohort has little to no coding experience, so if you are interested in attending a coding bootcamp you shouldn’t be worried.

Stay tuned for regular updates on my progress.