Progress after first week of coding bootcamp

First Ruby Terminal App

The last half of the first week was spent learning the basics of Ruby programming. I found this reasonably easy as it shared similarities with the Python coding I had previously done. Ruby seems to have a lot more built in methods and ways of using loops that make things easier.

After completing the first week of my coding bootcamp I felt confident enough to attempt to make my first Ruby terminal app. The challenge I took on was to create a basic Banking ATM app.

App Requirements:

  • View Balance
  • Deposit Money
  • Withdraw Money
  • View transaction history
  • Save data to file so that it persists between sessions
  • Allow multiple users
Screenshots of banking terminal app

The way I tackled this problem was to break it down into small chunks that I could work on one at a time instead of being overwhelmed by trying to do it all at once. This also gave me a sense of accomplishment every time I finished a task and kept me motivated to keep going. There was many challenges that I ran into during the process including running into my first endless loop. I also had to teach myself things that had not yet been covered in class.

Creating this app from scratch was extremely beneficial in reinforcing the lessons that were taught during class. I would highly recommend if you are just starting out learning to code that you make it a priority to start making something of your own and not just following examples. This will enable you to learn faster by forcing you to practice what is being taught. You will also most likely run into a lot of errors and other problems that will need to be solved. A lot of the time the answer is only a short google away and those errors will soon make more and more sense.

Useful Resources:

I have made a GitHub repository if anyone wants to check out my code. I will most likely make improvements to this through my learning journey as there is always room for improvement.

I have found great benefit in being surrounded by other like minded people and it definitely helps to be able to discuss your code with classmates and teachers. The motivation level is extremely high and everyone is willing to help each other.

I am excited to make more projects with Ruby and look forward to keeping you updated with my progress. I am currently starting week 2 of my coding bootcamp.

# Try me if you dare
puts "super cool awesome regex yo".scan(/\b([a-zA-Z]|\d+)/).join