Typographical Specimen: San Francisco

As a UI Designer, my goal has been to showcase the typeface San Francisco in terms of Unique Selling Proposition, personality, specification trough a landing page. The purpose was to entice the visitor to install the typeface through Call to Action.

Why should you use more San Francisco?

Because San Francisco loves their users!

In 2015, Apple made the decision to replace Helvetica Neue by its in house typeface San Francisco in order to optimize the readability. Needless to say that designing a font made for the tiny screen of the Apple Watch should have been a challenge.

San Francisco became the standard font of Apple platforms since Watch OS, iOS 9 and Mac OS Yosemite. But for a small population, the update represented a huge improvement for the one in five individuals with dyslexia or another language-based reading limitation.

Mood board

The mood board is set up so as to visually illustrate the style pursued. Working with keywords and adjectives that came to mind, help me to collect pictures that is related to the San Francisco typeface. Even if this imagery is purely subjective, here are few key ideas that ease to move forward towards the sketch process.


San Francisco is relaxing and playful. It presents subtle rounded edges, hence the musical note. The typeface is conversational and stays open. It brings out transparency, honesty. The flock of sheep is synonym of harmony and universality. Like a gymnast, the typeface is flexible, powerful and aerial.

Shapes and shades of grey

The shapes plays with diagonals, subtle roundnesses and contrasts. The typo gives an impression to be balanced and stable. The wide range of weights of the typeface produces shades of grey colour.

The landing page

The composition is influenced by the components of the mood board. At the top of the landing page, the skyscrapers in background underline perspectives, symbolize the modernity whereas the bottom area shows a forest in the mountain. The header is dedicated to answer the question “Why San Francisco”. The personality highlights the context the typeface should be used, following by the characteristics and the innovation of the font.

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