The Yo-Yo Life of a Tech Entrepreneur — A Cautionary Tale
Mark Suster

It’s good to hear perspectives from people who have been through it.

I finished my final exams of medical school last year. In the 6 months leading up to it I studied 12 hours a day, worked out and slept well.

This year I’m running a startup with a few guys. Sleeping 4–6 hours a night, gained 5 kilos and developed a nervous twitch in my right eye.

Medical school is much easier than startup life. I think most of it is the uncertainty that comes with not knowing if your efforts will be rewarded.

Many of the other entrepreneurs I’ve met have a sad look about them, that desperate glint in their eye that says “I want to say I’m done, but I can’t”. Aside from pitch meetings and social gatherings, I hardly ever see them smile.

What keeps me going is knowing we’re doing something new. But if that’s what everybody else is motivated by, then I should expect to end up the same.

All the articles on medium talk about keeping a positive attitude and all. Few talk about reality.

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