Startup Pitch Session NETEXPLO 2017 (IHECS — LAB.DAVAN.AC)

You’re a startup and your MVP has been launched no more than 6 months ago (mid-2016) ? Your product/service is a digital innovation, whether technological, commercial, organisational, social or environmental ?

Be part of the NETEXPLO 100 most promising digital initiatives and maybe the top 10 award winners, who take part each year in the NETEXPLO Forum in Paris, in partnership with UNESCO.

Fill the form below and grab your seat to deliver, online or IRL, a 15 min pitch + 5 min Q&A to Marketing/Advertising IHECS students, during one of’s Innovation MasterCamp, in Belgium, starting February 6th, till February 23th !

NETEXPLO is an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital tech on society and business, created in 2007 in partnership with the French Senate and the French Ministry for the Digital Economy. His International University Network is a global network of digital innovation spotters, including major universities in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Since 1958 the Institute for Higher Social Communication Studies (IHECS) has organised training in the field of journalism and communication by linking media theory and practice together.

At the, we’re fostering digital culture and building acceleration programs for media outlets, educational and cultural institutions, and non-profit organizations.

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