Icelandair Upgrade To Saga Class — Is It Worth To Upgrade on Icelandair

David A.Cowney
Sep 11 · 2 min read

Everything you want to know about Icelandair Saga class

If you have booked a flight with Icelandair in economy class and now you want to make your journey more comfortable then upgrade your class to Icelandair Saga class. Icelandair allow passengers to upgrade their class after booking on the basis of some terms & conditions. If you are planning to upgrade your flight to Saga class then before making any final decision you must know the facilities and services offered to Saga class passengers. Saga class offers various amenities to the passengers further discussed below:

Icelandair Saga class passengers can enjoy business class lounge available at Reykjavik airport while waiting for their flight. The Saga class lounge is beautifully decorated and it offers a variety of food to the passengers.

Saga class passengers enjoy priority check-in at the airport. They are also eligible for the prior boarding on the plane. Saga class passengers are allowed to select the seat according to their preference.

Icelandair Business Saga Class

Icelandair Business Saga class seats are well designed keeping in mind the comfort of passengers. These seats can be reclined and foot rests are also available so that passengers can sit comfortably.

For on board entertainment of Saga class passengers special personal screens are attached to the Icelandair business Saga class seats. Passengers can enjoy a number of movies, music, games etc. on these personal screens.

1. Special meals are offered to Saga Class passengers while on board. Saga class passengers can enjoy various soft drinks and hard drinks are also available for them like champagne.

2. Saga Class passengers can also many other on board facilities like blankets, pillows, hot towels, Wi-Fi and per-flight drinks etc.

3. After the journey is complete Saga class passengers can also collect their luggage on the priority basis.

The options available for the passengers for applying Icelandair upgrade to Saga class are discussed below:

- You will receive a link by Icelandair to bid online for the upgrade. You can also check your eligibility for upgrade online by providing your name and booking number.

- If you are a Saga club member then you can use your Saga points for the upgrade.

You can also call Icelandair booking number to know more about the Saga class, the facilities offered in it and how you can upgrade your class to Saga class. Other than that any query you have about Icelandair you can always contact their customer support (+1–888–910–3766).

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