Is It worth Paying For Seats on British Airways…

David A.Cowney
Jun 17 · 3 min read
Is It worth Paying For Seats on British Airways?

Is it worth paying for selecting seats while traveling on British Airways?

Today it is very easy to travel across the world. You can fly to your favorite destination whenever you want, you just need to book your flight tickets and ready to fly. Most of us are passionate about the luxury, comfort and world class services. Now a day’s traveling on a selected seat for the journey in a flight has become a trend for the maximum comfort of the passenger. Every one want their favorite seats so airlines decided to charge additionally for the seat selection before the check in time or at the time of booking the flight ticket.

If you are traveling with British Airways and you need to pay for selecting your favorite seat before the check in start its worth paying for the seat only if you don’t want to sit on any other seat which is not your favorite, but is it worth paying for seats on British Airways when you are ready to sit on any seat provided by the Airlines and you are just willing to reach your destination regardless which seat you have got, I will say no.

You can travel with British Airways by selecting the seat of your choice but you have to pay nothing or little bit for the ticket selection if you follow this method of selecting the seats in United Airways:

Don’t select the seat in advance and don’t pay for seat selection

Set an alarm 24 hours and few minutes prior to time of departure of the flight (when online check in starts)

Login to United Airlines manage booking and apply for online check in

You will be allowed to select the seat of your choice without paying anything extra for your favorite seat

If British Airways seat selection is done exactly 24 hours prior during the online check in, there is a fair chance of getting the best availability of the seats in your account online. You just have to be ready on the exact time so that you can apply for the ticket selection before most of the people traveling in the same flight. Also is the flight you are traveling in is a connecting flight and you are boarding in the middle of the route then the chances of getting best seats are less.

This can be done by going to the website of British Airways manage booking option will be there, you need to login to the account by using your account details or the ticket details and you will be able to make changes in the flight, cancel flight, add special services and pre check in for the ticket selection.

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