TL;DR: Jumpstarting Cross Team Collaborative Effort Requires Some Structure

  • 20% time is a great rule for teams that have experience with self organization, but alone will not help you jumpstart this type of generative culture
  • Traditional guild structures focus on sharing and learning, but don’t explicitly solve big problems or mitigate single points of failure
  • Cross team groups have a habit of outlasting their usefulness and solving problems simply because they exist
  • Charter Guilds are a new concept that have helped us create mission driven and aligned groups to solve our organizations’ biggest problems

The has delivered substantial mileage for my teams throughout my technical career —…

Agile guilds have gained popularity in the last few years as many prominent companies (chiefly Spotify) evangelize how they keep software development teams from siloing.

If you’re unfamiliar, a guild is a group of people who work on different feature teams and meet with some frequency to discuss a specific competency. Feature teams are multidisciplinary teams that are organized to create a product or features in a product. For example, a software department may have an architecture guild rather than having an architecture team. …

My game

Game Development Using Phaser, Cordova, and Intel XDK

This is a guide that helps anyone, with software development experience, get started creating their first mobile game.

This year, I made it one of my goals to create a mobile video game. I have been developing software for over a decade, making business applications and platforms. All the while, I have been jotting down ideas for games. I recently released on iOS and Android.

The first choice I had to make was what tools, frameworks and platforms I would use. …

Your success in the film, television, and video production industry depends on your ability to grow and maintain your network.

Below-the-line crew members need to make connections so that they can land their next gig, draw recommendations from peers, and move up to more advanced roles.

Producers and below-the-line department heads need to network with crews so they can find quality people to fill positions on upcoming shoots.

Directors and producers need to network in order to find investors and clients.

Everything is about who you know and who you have worked with. As we explained in a

What We Can Learn From Bilbo Baggins’s Journey Through Mirkwood

Plans are like cars, they begin to depreciate the moment they are used. This does not mean you should not buy a car. It just means that you should not expect to sell it for its original price two years down the line.

Plans can have detrimental effects if they are chiseled in stone. We plan in order to accomplish a goal. We plan using our best anticipation of future events. However, predicting the future is difficult. The world is chaos. As predictions fail, the plan must be allowed to change in order to keep pushing toward the goal. …

One of YouTube’s greatest innovations was giving filmmakers a space to painlessly publish and share their work. Though this greatly enhanced the lives of existing video professionals, its most impressive accomplishment is that it created an entire industry of amateur filmmakers.

YouTube has simplified the publishing process. However, creating professional looking content to post on YouTube is still an intimidating prospect for an amateur with no prior experience. We recently spoke to many amateurs at YouTube meetups in New York who have great ideas concerning what they would like to film. Their struggle was figuring…

Brainstorming is an essential part of moving a team or an organization forward. It helps teams solve problems and create visions together, rather than having a single person dictating an approach. Brainstorming leads to more robust solutions and a more motivated team. The lack of brainstorming meetings can lead to a continuation of the status quo, which in turn can lead to a decrease in morale.

I worked in a corporate environment for eight years and was a manager for five years. In that time I have been a part of brainstorming meetings that were productive…

Starting out in the video production industry can be a terrifying ordeal. Many hopefuls have little technical experience, but have big dreams. Others have gone through years of film school, graduated, and then asked themselves a scary question: how do I land my first job?

In order to answer this question, we interviewed some industry veterans from various locations and subsectors to learn about their experiences starting out in the film and video production industry. Daniel J. Harris is a co-founder and producer for out of South Wales in the United Kingdom. directs music videos…

I have always wanted to be a writer. My parents read to me when I was young, our TV room was lined with shelves of books and my parents discussed what novel they were reading over dinner. It seemed like a dream job to write books that impacted other people as much as books had impacted my family’s lives.

Like most aspiring writers, I daydreamed about stories and situations. I would imagine how these ideas would make great books or even movies. However, fantasizing often goes nowhere. The idea has to be…

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