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Feb 12 · 2 min read

Its a good question and the answer depends on how your teams are structured and what product and engineering processes you subscribe to. I am a big believer in Dual Track (experiment driven product management), Scrum, and fully embedded product and tech teams.

In this scenario, those responsibilities lie with a few different roles. Coordinating delivery from the engineering side is usually done by a technical lead, which is the engineer on the scrum team who has been designated to work most closely with the product manager. The tech lead usually organizes the other engineers on the team and also acts as a scrum master. Coordinating the delivery with other business stakeholders is usually on the product manager, with the exception of marketing, where a product marketing person usually leans in.

Managing stakeholders throughout the discovery and delivery process is usually on the product manager. The only exception is managing other engineering stakeholders within the org who are outside the team. This responsibility ultimately lies with the tech lead, but is usually delegated out to an engineer who is making the change that needs to be coordinated.

Nurturing the team ultimately rests on the engineering manager, who may not even be embedded with the team, but who has career growth responsibility for each engineer. In practice most good teams help nurture each other as well. In scrum, teams self organize, so it is important the team helps find good opportunities for each other.

Shielding the team is usually only something you have to do in a very hierarchical organization where the product decisions are made higher up, rather than at the team unit. In these cases the product manager would do most of the shielding, while the tech lead and eng manager, would help shield from responsibilities within the engineering org.

Let me know if you need further clarification on any of this or any examples.

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