I’m an “old guy” in the software world, old enough to have had to enter code on punch cards and be forced to debug assembly by flipping through a 12-inch-thick fan-fold printout. In my first real job at IBM, one of the programmers I worked with (who was an “old guy” even back then) gave me a paper copy of what would now be called a “meme”. It was titled “Real Programmers Don’t Write Specs” (here’s the closest thing I could find online: http://multicians.org/thvv/realprogs.html). The last quip always springs to mind when the static vs. …

I was thinking about how I’d answer one of our interview questions: “What are the benefits of React?” I feel like most of the usual answers here are not relevant.

  • “React allows rendering to be pure functions” — true, but is this really a benefit? The main benefit we get from using pure functions in code is the ability to compose functions with confidence. Function composition largely isn’t the issue in rendering DOM. Render functions accept state and return DOM, some they can’t be composed per se. One function might call another to render another piece of DOM at a…

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