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Why I listen to Ben Hardy

Ben Hardy is one of the most popular writers on medium.com. I listen to Ben. In the past I didn’t because … I never heard of him before. That all changed when I traveled thousands of miles to Franklin, Tennessee to attend a writer’s conference on 4 and 5 February 2017. That’s where I met Ben.

It was the first day of the conference. We were mulling around waiting. I noticed Ben sitting two seats away. I didn’t know who he was, I just noticed him. He looked like a decent chap. I wanted to say hello but I was engaged in a light conversation with another person. Didn’t matter, Ben took the initiative. He waited for a break in our conversation then got up from his seat, walked over, extended his hand greeting both of us saying, “Hi, I’m Ben.” I found out he goes to Clemson University. I told him I went to Ohio State. Never once did he rub in the fact that Clemson destroyed Ohio State in the recent Fiesta Bowl. I appreciated that. I thought he was just another attendee at the conference. I had no idea he was there to share his extensive, hard won practical knowledge with us.

Ben blended in with the 20 or so attendees at the conference. But, his star began to shine as he started contributing to the animated dialog. His insights and peaceful confident demeanor suggested he was speaking from experience; successful experience. There was no doubt in his delivery. He spoke matter-of-factly, but with the conviction of a seven time Olympic gold medal swimming champion — “I know what I’m talking about!”

About half way into the conference, Ben took center stage sharing his knowledge and success based experience on how to build an online audience. I was surprised at how simple it all sounded. “There must be more to it,” I thought. And of course there is. You can have all the techniques, tools and tricks but you must have the one thing that carries the day, the one thing that keeps the audience from walking away, the one thing you can’t skimp on. As Ben shared his knowledge I kept thinking, “He must have it. Otherwise it wouldn’t hold together. Yes, he must have that all important ingredient. I’ll have to follow-up and check for myself.”

That weekend I didn’t check for the “ingredient.” Instead, I waited until I made the long trip back to my home in Australia, then I joined Ben’s email list and started getting his updates. I’m here to tell you — Ben’s got it! He’s got the one thing that not only brings the audience in, but holds them. He’s got the goods. His writing is captivating. He’s got something powerful to say, something powerful to write about, something powerful to share with everyone. His articles are compelling, thought provoking — they hit home. I would imagine just about everyone would benefit from reading Ben’s articles. Yes, Ben’s got the all important ingredient — great content.

Now it all makes sense. Ben’s tremendous success is built on a solid foundation of great content. He’s got the goods and he delivers them. I’m happy to say, I’m part of his online audience now — I’m staying. Yes, Ben knows how to build an audience. He does it with masterful, useful, compelling articles. And, that’s how he keeps his audience as well. I know I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying on Ben’s email list until he deletes me. (Don’t do it Ben!)

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Dave Ives is a property investor and author who lives in Alice Springs, Australia. Follow him on Twitter at @ivesguy. Or visit his website ivesguy.com.

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