Why It’s Time for a Birchbox for Education

When selecting beauty products, one may fret, “There are so products, but which ones should I choose?” From that concern came Birchbox, a company that delivers monthly personalized box containing beauty products and guides on using them. With more than one million subscribers, Birchbox is one of the pioneers of the growing subscription e-commerce companies.

The 10-dollar subscription box started off when Katie Beauchamp, then a Harvard Business School student, realized that her classmate Hayley Barna always had the best beauty products despite not proactively finding out about beauty tricks and tips. It turned out that Barna had a beauty-editor friend who would always advise her on the latest beauty trends. In September 2010, Beauchamp and Barna launched Birchbox to be everyone’s “beauty-editor friend.”

Practical, high-quality, designed for busy people — could Birchbox’s business model possibly work in other sectors? Definitely. Especially in education.

Amid a more demanding curriculum, parents are often perplexed on how to effectively guide their children’s education. When school work races up with office work, all things may seem a fuss. A child may have been totally worn out after new math equations or lengthy reading comprehension exercises; parents may hardly have any time to research and find out about learning strategies for their kids. That could also lead to less time for family engagement. In times as such, an educational subscription box comes to the rescue.

One Harvard-founded company started doing just that. CubbyCase, an educational subscription box company, is led by alums of Harvard Graduate School of Education who curate a box filled with the engaging and effective educational tools in the market every month. The company believes that parents would appreciate saving countless hours browsing through the internet for the best products to support their child’s education, relying solely on word-of-mouth or Amazon reviews. By delivering the products directly to parents’ doorsteps from trusted developers, CubbyCase believes that it can revolutionize the way parents discover educational products in the future.