Jay Z stole our dog!

Phlake, photo by Denisse Garcia

It’s rare that you meet a client that you instantly connect with. You know the one that passes the BBQ TEST with high honours, which basically states that even if money wasn’t exchanging hands you would happily spend your Sunday afternoon BBQing with this person.

With the Phlake boys it was just that. Love at first site. They are of course the Danish Electro duo making headlines up north as we speak.

They came to Hungry Castle with a challenge. They had this performance coming up at Roskilde. In their own words, the most important performance of their careers. Opening the main arena on the very same stage that The Rolling Stones toured with during the 60s. Oh snap!

5m Chow Chow

They wanted to create something remarkable and normally they would rock out with their custom light show problem solved. But this performance was different. It was during the day and they needed to find another way to BLOW UP.

After thrashing about a shit tonne of ideas we finally settled on building them a 5 metre Chow Chow puppy dog. You know cause they are normally quite small, so to build a big one is kind of funny.

The result was spectacular. We filled the stage with epic roman columns, golden signs and 50 two metre inflatable dog bones.

Roskilde 2017

But what about Jay’s dog? He stole it right? Well 2 months later Jay Z had a concert, and guess who decided to make an inflatable dog for the performance. None other than Jeff Koons.

Jay Z stole my dog

Jay if you’re reading this, I’m making your next dog. Jeff see you at that Sunday BBQ.


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