Who do you want to be?

You have been overweight most of your life. You have tried nearly every diet out there. You have lost weight — and then regained it back.
You are judged by your size, not by who you are. You are filled with shame. You are embarrassed. You are invisible.
You have to fight for promotions because of your weight.
You are scared you won’t be around to see your children get married — or meet your grandchildren.
You are at the end of your rope, because you are sick and tired of being fat and

I have to warn you: This program is long, hard, and expensive. If this was easy, I’d put it in a pill and sell it.

But it doesn’t matter. You are ready. You are committed. You know this is a big deal, and you are all-in.

You want to lose one third to one half of your body weight. You want to be happy.

You want to stop hiding.

We will work together and create a custom program of radical self-care. We will work together for a minimum of three months, we will meet every week, and I will be available to you via text in between meetings. The program starts at $2,500 per month.

“Having someone like Dave to guide and help you is the greatest tool a person looking to lose weight can have. He has gone through it himself so he knows all the struggles and pitfalls.” — S

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