Finally, The EU Debate Is On!

The PM is back with his deal and the gags are off the eurosceptics. Joining Liam Fox, Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone, Kate Hoey and Tom Pursglove in the “out” campaign are Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling, Boris Johnson and others.

The PM’s “deal” is very watered down and the EU machine keeps going on no matter what! The EU seems to be against any change other than further integration.

Our sovereignty is at stake in this debate. It means enjoying full authority internally and NOT being subordinated to the authority of another state. Maybe, the “out” campaigners should use the term “self-governing democracy”, which makes the point better.

Some say Britain isn’t strong enough to stand independently. But this country flourished as an independent nation before 1975. Churchill once said: We should be interested and associated with Europe but NOT absorbed by them.

I hope the debate will bring out strongly that we care about self-rule and this is what we want. I think Britain has become so used to the nanny in Brussels, that we have become almost incapable of imagining an independent UK. But we can stand on our own and stop being a lapdog to the EU.

I think the EU only listens to a country when it says NO.

Let the debate begin.

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