There’s Opportunity In Brexit

Writer Dave
Jun 25, 2016 · 3 min read

The UK has made its decision to leave the EU. Instead of moaning, wouldn’t it be better to embrace it positively? When the dust settles in the coming months, I think many of the Remain people will be glad we left the EU.

Why? Because we can now grasp the opportunity to open up to the whole world and shake off the shackles of the EU permanently. Lets face it, who would want to belong to a club struggling with economic weakness, debt problems, large-scale migration and growing geopolitical instability?

The people finally won over the Establishment. By the Establishment, I mean: the elite, the centers of power, the leading politicians, judges and law makers, aristocrats, the privileged ruling class, the rich and powerful, best educated in the society. But these people are NOT necessarily the ones that make the best decisions!

This Establishment and its self-serving political elites are the people who, for years, have ignored the anxieties and aspirations of the electorate.

The Establishment has been out of touch with the people and they have had ENOUGH. Millions of people in the UK don’t embrace the liberal views of the elite. They don’t enthuse about diversity and it’s their right to object. Their values and opinions have been ignored for years and that has promoted frustration and discord in the population.

The people, were and are, fed up with being called, “racist’, just because they, were and are, concerned about large numbers of migrants breaking up the infrastructure of their county.

Cameron and his cronies have persistently represented the interests of Europe in Britain rather than standing up for Britain in Europe.

Now, we have the opportunity to make our own laws, set our own taxes, make our own trade deals and control our borders. In other words, to control our destiny, because you don’t have a country if you can’t control your destiny!


So, by voting for Brexit, the people have defied the pleading of the Establishment to stay in the EU. They, the elite, could not bear the idea that there might be a better way of doing things.

As far as the young people of the nation, who feel this decision is to build a wall and pull up the drawbridge, I don’t think so, just the opposite. It will open up this country to the rest of the world, which is a great opportunity and it will be a benefit to the young people. It could be a very prosperous future it they work toward it.


I always felt that Cameron’s Project Fear was a shameful deceit and a pulling down of this country. This infuriated the people.

I feel business will engage with Brexit and it will work with a minimum of disruption.

It’s a fact that the 28 member EU was useless at negotiating free-trade deals with the rest of the world. If the EU is to survive, it must make drastic reforms or die. And I don’t think the EU is capable of REAL reform.


This could be the beginning of a period of growth and prosperity and higher living standards now that we are OUT of the EU. There will be prospects of increased exports to areas in the world where we didn’t do much before (Mid-East, Far-East and North America).

With freedom from the Brussels bureaucracy there are great opportunities for the UK to seize the day.

There is no need to be frightened, Britain will not just survive, but it will THRIVE.

It might be a rocky road at first, but with the freedom to be a self-governing, outward-looking society, the skies are bright.


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