I’m going to hit you in the mouth

For over a year now I have been a huge fan of the PODCAST “No Agenda” (http://www.noagendashow.com). I consider it a privilege to call myself a Producer of this show. Now after all this time and after being “Knighted” by the show’s creators, it’s time to propagate the show’s formula and “hit you in the mouth” – meaning, it’s time for you to start listening and to start seeing things differently.

It would be easy to dismiss the show as cynical or to identify the show’s hosts as crackpot conspiracy theorists (sometimes it’s a fine line to be honest), but if you give it a couple of episodes, you’ll start to understand the appeal. As happened with me, you might even start to listen to the mainstream media with a more critical ear. You’ll see that that the words people choose to use really matter. You’ll start to notice memes and how/where they’re distributed. You’ll start to notice how things get repetitive even when coming from different people in different settings. You’ll uncover that most things in politics and in the media are scripted and are meant to shape your perception.

That’s what this show does best: MEDIA ASSASSINATION!

Give it a listen and if you keep an open mind, you’ll love this show as I do.

Dave Carey
Sir Ding-a-Ling
“No Agenda” Producer


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