My first Week with Apple Watch

This was the perfect week to start using the Apple Watch. I worked, I traveled, and I had leisure time — all these things don’t usually happen for me within the same week.

I received my Apple Watch the 24th of April. A Space Grey Sport.

It arrived in some interesting new packaging — new, but not surprising as it’s an Apple product and the packaging is usually pretty interesting. It came in an extra long box. Oddly long. My wife text’d me saying she wasn't sure it was the watch when the UPS man delivered it.

I got home and I was up and running in no time. It was charged and I had no issues pairing it to my phone and getting all the notifications set-up — it mirrors my phone and after limiting my Twitter notifications to Patton Oswalt, the Detroit Tigers (and a handful of Tigers’ players), the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts and MAC Rumors, it was not constantly buzzing. My other notifications come from my previously set-up VIP email list, MLB App (of course), Evernote and calendar/reminder notifications. The bottom line with notifications is that if you already have these things set-up on your phone, you are not going to be driven crazy by the buzzing. I haven’t landed on a watch face yet, but I love that they can be customized with weather, activity, sundown, moon phase, battery life, etc.

Heading into the weekend I was determined to have my watch ready for my trip to New York on Monday. I started by getting the Delta app loaded and once I checked-in for the flight on Sunday, my boarding pass was there — it reminded me to check-in and updated me on my flight’s status along the way. I also need constant coffee so the Starbucks app was next and I confirmed that my Starbucks card’s bar-code was there in the watch’s Passbook. Also, Apple Pay would be needed and I put in my Debit card and one revolving credit card in for emergencies. I was a little surprised that I had to re-enroll the same cards that were already on my phone, but it’s pretty easy and didn't take much time. I also loaded up Uber, Foursquare/Swarm, Tile, weather, and the New York Times.

When the day of my trip came, I loaded up the address to the off-site parking place, Parking Spot, on Maps and I was on my way. The watch buzzed every time I needed to make a turn. (Note: normally I would just use the NAV system in my car for this, but why the heck not). After arriving at the airport, I used the watch to buy a coffee and check-in at security. Despite the curious look from the security lady, both went off without a hitch. Again, at the gate I used the watch to board the plane (both times as there was a mechanical issue which caused us to deplane and come back two hours later).

Once in New York, I used the watch to pull up all my notes in Evernote — this included things for my meetings, the office address (we recently moved), and my hotel reservation info. Additionally, I used Maps on the watch for walking directions between locations in the city — first from the office to the office of a Broadway show promoter and then to the hotel. The watch buzzed for each turn I needed to make and a quick glance at the watch told me which way to turn. I think this made me look like I almost knew what I was doing and where I was going (it had to be better than stepping to the side, and pulling out my phone).

That night I used the watch again for directions. This time to find a restaurant I’d heard about and then to the Times Square Guitar Center (Holy crap! you wouldn't believe the guitars they have a that location, but that’s a story for another time).

The next morning I again used it for my notes for my meeting — this time I used the dictation feature in Evernote to “jot down” a few things between meetings. This worked perfectly. Later I used the Messaging app to check up on the Car Service’s arrival time and to establish the spot for the driver to pick me up.

Back at the airport, I again used the watch to get some coffee and to board the plane. Then home — this time with more delays where the watch again came in handy to relay flight details from the Delta app and for me to let my wife know my ETA.

Once back home I went through a series of tests for the Apple Watch.

  • Swarm check-in crazy — CHECK!
  • Paired with Apple TV — CHECK!
  • Used it buy stuff at Walgreens — CHECK!
  • Used SIRI on the watch to set reminders — CHECK!
  • Set timers and alarms — CHECK!
  • Used Workflow app to send people automated ETAs — CHECK!
  • Used the Target app to locate items in the store — CHECK!
  • Post tweets, re-tweeted and favorited Twitter posts — CHECK
  • Used the MLB app to track the Tigers during my wife’s shows — CHECK!

The Apple watch is for me. I’m a tech geek. I love being sneaky. I love being efficient. A lot of people are asking if this is something they really “need”. It’s not, but it is a luxury that’s making my life a little more fun and a bit easier. This is for people that are already “dialed in”. I really get the most out of my iPhone and I think most people don’t. I text, use notifications, use reminders, email VIP lists, I tweet, I am constantly checking on my favorite baseball team, and I buy tons of Starbucks. The Apple Watch makes all of these things better.

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