The way we work has fundamentally changed. A company’s success used to rest on its full-time, in-house workforce — yet today, the most productive organizations are figuring out ways to balance salaried employees with an extended group of freelancers, consultants, and part-time workers. If done right, this approach provides greater access to talent, reduces costs, and creates a more supportive organization. If botched, it can bring chaos, new expenses, and leave non-traditional employees feeling siloed and ignored.

According to recent data from Upwork and the Freelancers Union, freelance, gig, and contract workers now make up more than one-third of the…

Congratulations to Looker on your acquisition! All of us at Sapphire Ventures are incredibly proud and thankful to have been involved during an amazing part of the Looker journey.

When we think of we think of this Good Stuff:

  • Unparalleled talent
  • Customer-first culture and leadership
  • Amazing product
  • Relentless execution

For our part… well, we’re particularly proud of the talent and customer introductions we made along the way. Some might characterize us as having been relentlessly supportive as a financial partner — getting involved in early March 2015 , more than doubling down just a few weeks later, and supporting every…

I recently traveled to New York for Primary Ventures’ two-day NYC Summit 2018 event. While only in its second year, the Summit is something I was looking forward to and made sure I could attend. Why? Because:

Primary Ventures NYC Summit 2018

1) The event is an outstanding convening of entrepreneurs and VCs.

2) New York is an increasingly important center for tech innovation and investment

According to the New York City Economic Development Corporation, New York City startups closed nearly 1,500 deals worth $12 billion last year — almost double the capital invested in 2014. Both personally, and as a firm, we’re committed to…

Today at Sapphire Ventures, we are extremely excited to announce our lead investment in Reonomy, a New York based company that is revolutionizing the way data is used in the commercial real estate (CRE) market.

Over the last several years, we’ve been fortunate to partner with folks that are upending the database and data warehouse markets and we’ve invested in multiple generations of companies advancing the state-of-the-art in data transformation, data preparation, business intelligence and analytics. We’ve also had great fun and success working with entrepreneurs who have changed a software vertical or service landscape altogether (e.g. …

By Dave Hartwig, managing director, Sapphire Ventures and Doug Higgins, managing director, Sapphire Ventures

Today we are happy to announce our lead investment in Phoenix Labs, an independent gaming studio focusing on the rebirth of fun gaming experiences. So far, Phoenix Labs has created Dauntless, an incredibly fun, co-operative action role playing game, and recently launched it into Closed Beta for PC. Phoenix Labs will mark our first gaming investment, but our journey toward making this investment was a long time coming and in many ways textbook for entering a new market. While the digital gaming space may have fallen…

LeanData provides SaaS solutions targeted at the intersection of sales and marketing operations. To date, the company has played in the account-based marketing (ABM) space, specifically with a focus on getting high-quality leads routed to the right person within a sales organization at the right time.

Going forward, LeanData will expand its offerings to sales operations by including other similarly straightforward, high-ROI pieces of functionality, thus helping to make these folks “OpsStars” as they like to say.

We think it’s a fruitful space in which to be innovating and are excited to have led a $10 million financing for LeanData

By Dave Hartwig, managing director, Sapphire Ventures and Rajeev Dham, vice president, Sapphire Ventures

Today, we’re happy to announce our Series C investment in Livongo Health. Livongo provides an end-to-end solution for diabetes management, including the latest technology and personalized coaching.

While we carefully evaluate a host of characteristics when making any one investment, in the case of Livongo the tried and true “Market, Model, Management” framework best illustrates why we decided to partner with Livongo on its exciting journey ahead.


There are two major trends in healthcare that we believe will drive the continued need for Livongo’s solution and…

Dave Hartwig

Managing Director, Sapphire Ventures

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