Development Mantras I Live By

Mantra not Manta

This is a short and sweet post.

There are some mantras and truisms that just pop up again and again regardless of the context or problem.

So here are the mantras I live by:

Build it. Ship it. Support it.
Deliver value little and often.
To fix the problem make it visible.
You can pick two: scope, time, quality.
If something is valuable do more of it.
Delivery builds confidence.
Value the right side of the board.
Never ask anyone to do anything you won’t do yourself.
People genuinely just want to do a good job (despite any contradictory evidence.)
What got you here won’t get you there.
A bad system will always beat a good person.
Planning is invaluable but plans are useless.
If somethings is valuable do it earlier and more often.
You don’t know anything until it is in the hands of your customers.
Complex systems operate in a broken state.
Legacy code has delivered value and has put money on the table so treat it with some damn respect.
Manage the system not the people.
Decision making should be pushed down to those with the most information.

I’ll probably update this list as I think of more.

What are the mantras and truisms you live by?

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