A Frat Boys Guide On Riding The Ragged Edge

David Powers
Feb 16, 2018 · 4 min read

Life, much like beer, can provide you with a lot of good and bad options. Do I want a light beer? Maybe an IPA? Maybe I should drop out of college, and travel for a year? Maybe I should text my high school girlfriend and see what she’s up too. Life can feel like there are endless options, especially in your 20’s when you have no real responsibilities.

Being 20something is essentially just being lost while trying to put on a face that makes it seem like you have your shit together. It’s wondering around aimlessly trying to find your, “thing” while being judged by adults who supposedly had it all together when they were your age. What a crock of shit. If there’s one thing I want to get across to you is that when you’re 20something, nothing really matters.

Nothing Really Matters

One thing I’ve always been pretty good about is not giving a fuck. I’ve never been much to overthink a decision. Whether it’s texting a girl to ask her if she wants to meet me in the middle, or spending all the money my grandma gave me to help with my freshman year at college on starting a new company that I would eventually run into the ground, my decisions were swift and careless.

Were there long term implications to these decisions? Not really. Not once have I ever looked back and thought about how shitty of a decision it was. Even if it went wrong, I gained a valuable life lesson from the bad decision. I can promise you that every decision I make from now until the day my buddies are throwing some empty dilly dilly cans into my grave will more than likely be the same.

“Life can be either an amazing trip, full of amazing people, adventures, failures, and triumphs, or a depressing burden where you’re wasting your days away not making much of yourself.”

I’m not saying that you should say, “fuck you” to your boss and go become an alcoholic, there is a very fine line between not giving a fuck, and just becoming one, and sometimes it’s okay to ride that line to figure out what actually matters to you.

Don’t Be a Fuck

When I say that nothing really matters, I’m not saying that life’s pointless, it can be, but that’s completely up to you.

Life can be either an amazing trip, full of amazing people, adventures, failures, and triumphs, or a depressing burden where you’re wasting your days away not making much of yourself.

One thing that I see a lot of 20somethings struggle with is finding a balance of caring and just going for it. There’s no secret formula I can give you, it changes from person to person and the only way you can figure out your own formula is to push the limits and experiment.

Being a 20something year old is the perfect time to ride the ragged edge for a little. You don’t have many responsibilities, no kids(hopefully), and your bills aren’t anywhere near what they’ll be once you’re over the hill, so there’s no better time to try to become something you’ve always wanted to be.


Riding the ragged edge is all about balance. It’s about knowing when to trade in the boring 9–5 for an exciting but unstable job at a start-up. That startup probably pays shit and will leave you struggling to pay the bills but will provide you with more happiness and excitement. It’ll give you more opportunities to learn, and maybe even stumble upon something you never knew you liked.

It’s all a trade-off.

There’s a lot of comfort is sticking with a 9–5 job that pays well. Your mom and dad will of course always push you that way because they just want you to be safe, and secure. The problem is, with comfort comes complacency, which prevents learning, growing, and personal development.

My Pled To You

As you get older, it’ll become harder and harder for you to try out that new idea that pops into your head. Life becomes busier, responsibilities grow, your to-do lists becomes less about what you want to do, and more about what you need to do. Take the leap of faith now, push your limits, ride the ragged edge for a while.

Even if you fail, you can divert back to your old path, nothing lost, and more knowledgable and ready to tackle what life throws at you next.

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David Powers

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Manufacturing Engineer at ETM Manufacturing, Former Co-Founder and CEO at The Hum, Former Owner at Bleed True LLC, Management Engineering Student at @WPI

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