I made a decision today. I am going to be that woman who won’t shut up.

This showed up in my inbox this AM.


Thought of you, trying to shut down MY meeting, with YOUR hypersensitivity. My goal, was and is, to show writers how this stuff works…. no matter who is using it, including eeeck Donald Trump.

Sorry your flawed candidate, who happened to be a woman, didn’t have the ‘smarts’ to beat the lout. There are many great American women who could, and should be President, Hillary couldn’t beat a no name Senator from IL, with 1/1000th her ‘access’ to the levers of power. Did you howl at him, for all the nasty things he said about Hillary, and his wife too?

Clinton barely won against a 74 year old nuffin’ of a kook who wasn’t EVEN a Democrat, who kept having to turn it down a notch so she could be carried past him by Obama, Michelle, Biden, and Bill. Finally, she was just out hustled by some one who worked harder than she ever did. And yes, no one likes Hillary. Her social media ‘sentiment’ scores were horrible. She’s a fake, and 306 Electoral Votes saw through it. She literally lost nearly 90% of the geographical United States, including our fair State in which the GOP Governor had a knife in his back….. and how did those recounts work out, but I digress.

You also misrepresented yourself. No one ‘shut you up’. You stomped out of your own accord. You self inflicted your ‘silence’, and candidly made a mockery of your ‘cause’. You certainly didn’t win anyone over, and I’m ‘little’ for helping strangers find their way through the maze of publishing? If over 130 sessions, over 11 years, 800 members, and nearly 40 books ‘published’ is ‘little’ well then I sign me up. Feel free to start your group.

Further, as you note above, you have some serious ‘man hate’ going since you are accusing me of behavior that frankly you know NOTHING about me, nor lines up with 6 decades of actual behavior. You projected ON TO ME whatever some ‘other’ man or men did to you in the past real or imagined.

Your ‘roar’ was not only misdirected, but a classic example as to why young women don’t associate themselves with the cause of feminism. All they see are angry shrill people screaming about matters that are codified into law already.

Under my skin? Hardly. But I won’t allow you to malign me, and 11 years worth of helping others, because your nose got bent out of joint regarding a clinical discussion of social media. As usual, I’m out front of the issues, and low and behold, here comes another ‘analysis’. So, hmmmm mebbe it aint just me, its you.

Yeah, you shouldn’t haven’t been so rude as to insert your anger, into MY analysis, and meeting. That wasn’t your meeting, and frankly, NO ONE followed you out did they? As writers we have to ‘deal’ with opinions that are different from ours. Were you going to stomp your feet when some man, or woman, read something you didn’t care for too? Because believe me, we touch on some real edgy subjects, so you have to have the emotional IQ to handle that which you don’t agree with. Which you don’t. Clearly.

I’m amazed at people like you who claim to want openess, equality, etc., and yet when some one brings forward an idea contrary to yours, you believe you have a right to shut them down and call them all sorts of names. There was another gent in the room who also took umbrage with Trump as candidate, and you know what, he was able to move past it, and once you left…. of your own accord, he turned around and had many good contributions, which frankly, I had hoped might come from you.

But nope. You blew up. Went on a rant. In every thing I’ve done we do ‘post action analysis’. We look at what went right, wrong, in order to LEARN from it. Even if our side didn’t win. Maybe you should learn that particular skill.

We don’t call it hatred, we call it the search for improvement. You might want to try it some time.

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