Isla de Providencia, Colombia

I’ve traveled a lot in the past few years. And it tires me—the airport, the plane, the jet lag. So I’ve been trying out various techniques to make the whole experience better.

The gist of it is that traveling wreaks havoc on our bodies.

For example, the plane cabin is extremely dry (10 times drier than ideal), exposed to continuous radiation (from the close proximity of jet engines), and a very confined space limiting movement for long periods (hence: limited flow of the lymphatic system a.k.a waste system)

Jet lag is a very (physiologically) disorienting phenomenon. Our bodies and its…

Take 5 minutes to read this article, then come back here for a quick rant. (or just read my short summary below)

The Gist? A journalist and some friends released a very poorly run study incorrectly claiming that chocolate accelerates weight loss. They then got a few news outlets to cover their “science discovery”. Result? They were surprised by how fast and how far it spread across the world — with close to zero due diligence by the news outlets.

An epidemic of misinformation. And laziness.

This should give you a good idea of how poor quality control is in traditional media when covering science. (and…

David El Achkar

#Tech & #Movement | Co-founder @makulife | Fascinated by the human body & mind |

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