The World’s Voice

What do the World Cup, Racial Violence, Democracy, The Yankees, Donald (the duck), the Blue, the Red, Taylor Swift, Greece and your Cat have in common?

You care about them.

Well, at least someone does.

The thing is: people are passionate about all sorts of things. They care. A lot.

Especially about things that matter like music, sports and politics :-)

The problem is that for some folks: think, a young woman in an oppressive country like Yemen — it isn’t so easy to express your passions.


This also applies to white dudes from Texas.


Maybe this is about something bigger than all that.

What if the power of Voice is directly proportional to the audience you can reach?

What if there was a way to bring the quiet voice of a young woman in Yemen to a roar reaching the entire planet in an instant?

What if you could touch the hearts of a Billion people cheering for the World Cup?

If only someone would create something that carried the World’s voice across the planet in real time.

Thanks Twitter.

You kinda rawk. :-)

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